The following are just a few of the many letters of appreciation Jewish Tradition Home Care has received over the years.

Dear Jewish Tradition Home Care:
Thank you for MC. She helps me and my husband to enjoy life. With her support my husband and I can get to visit places, family, and do things we could not do without her. We love her.

Sincerely, RR (a long time client)

Dear Sir:
Jewish Tradition Home Care did an outstanding job in meeting the needs of our parents during the last four years. The family was impressed by the quality of the staff in the office... We were also impressed by the skillful performance and professional quality of the home health aides who cared for my mother and father twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays...
Jewish Tradition Home Care is a well-run organization that caters to the individual needs of its clients. It provides all facets of home care assistance... A very special thanks to everyone who works at JTHC ...

Sincerely, PM, RM, DP

Dear staff of Jewish Tradition Home Care:
My family and I are so grateful and appreciative to you for sending us PK to care for Dad. She is so compassionate and caring, and treats Dad as if he was her own father. He trusts her and feels safe and secure. It wasn't easy for us living in NJ, and having him in Florida, but we are at ease knowing P is with him.
She even got him to play his classical music. We can only commend your fine agency.

With our sincerest and deepest thanks, AD

Dear Everyone at Jewish Tradition Home Care:
Words cannot begin to adequately convey how much we appreciate everything you have done over the past six or seven years in caring for HK.... You and your staff were so tolerant of H and her many demands, exhibiting patience when most would have given up.
There is no way to thank you for what you have done. Today we also received notification that a tree has been planted in Israel in H’s memory – Thank you so much!!!

With deep appreciation, L and M

To whom it may concern:
BP has shown diligence, dedication and patience in the care of my mother... She goes out of her way to check by phone on her days off...B is an outstanding addition to my mother's household.

Thank you, CS

Dear Jewish Tradition Home Care
I want you to know how grateful I am to you for your assistance in providing such great care for my Dad. J is great and my Dad likes her so much. She has made a tremendous difference in the well-being of my Mom. Mitzvahs do happen, it has happened to our family.

Thanks, AP

Dear JTHC:
I wanted to let you know what a wonderful staff you have. I live in Los Angeles and my mother is in North Lauderdale. In the past my Mother had aides working for her, but never once did I ever get a call from their agency. The aides she has through Jewish Tradition Home Care call to report to the Director of Nursing what is happening and she lets me know what is going on with my Mother.
Anytime I talk about my Mother, I bring up the wonderful people at JTHC and highly recommend you to everyone.
Thanks to your entire staff.

Warm regards, ZG

To the staff of Jewish Tradition Home Care ...
Thank you very much for everything you are doing for us. We really appreciate it. You are prolonging our life. You deserve all the credit.

With love and respect, BS and RS (long time clients)

Dear Staff of Jewish Tradition Home Care:
Words cannot truly express my appreciation for the incredible assistance provided to my mother, RB. You really became my extended family. Yet you went even further and provided a beautiful memorial to my mother by planting a tree in Israel in her memory. Please accept loving gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely, SB

And from our home health aides

Dear friends:
I really like working for you. And I love working for Mrs. B. She is like my mother. Other agencies do not treat me like you do. Thank you for always taking care of me....


Thank you for the employee of the month award.
My family is very proud of me...Mrs. S says I deserve it. I try really hard with her and this is a nice thank you...

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