What type of services can a Home Health Aide provide?
Home Health Aides (HHA) are trained in personal care and body mechanics. They provide assistance with bathing, dressing, ambulation, transferring, range of motion exercises, toileting assistance and incontinence care, feeding and a number of related personal care services. They can also provide general household tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, changing bed linens, light housekeeping, running errands and taking a client to the doctor or on other outings such as social events .

What if I have private Home Health or Long Term Care Insurance?
During the intake process, you will be asked if there is a long term care insurance policy in effect. Our Insurance Billing Coordinator will contact the insurance company to verify available benefits. When you give us the authority to bill the insurance company we will complete all paperwork for you. If you have a policy and are unsure of the coverage for home health care, we will be pleased to inquire on your behalf.  Jewish Tradition Home Care is on the preferred provider list of the majority of Long Term Care Insurance Companies and works closely with insurance providers.

What is the difference between a Home Health Agency
and a Nurse Registry?
Jewish Tradition Home Care is licensed as a Home Health Agency by the state of Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration.  Our aides are employees and are insured with worker's compensation.  As the employer, we pay our share of Social Security Tax, the employee's withholding taxes and unemployment taxes.  Our employee aides are supervised by a Registered Nurse and our staff communicates with the client's physician to assure that the prescribed Plan of Care is in effect.

A Nurse Registry provides independent contractors to perform home health care services. Because these aides are not employees, the registry does not provide worker's compensation or liability insurance. The necessary payment of taxes is the responsibility of the employer or independent contractor. The registry license does not require supervision of the independent contractor aide by a registered nurse. You can visit the IRS website: www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id+99921,00.html for further clarification of your responsibilities.

What is the difference between a Home Health Agency and a Companion Service?
Jewish Tradition Home Care has a Home Health Agency license that allows our aides to perform "activities of daily living", such as bathing, dressing, help with ambulation, toileting and feeding. A companion service is not licensed to provide any of these activities of daily living. No personal care is permitted.

What makes Jewish Tradition Home Care special?
Our in-service programs for our employees, including our Jewish perspective :

  • Maintaining a Kosher home
  • Preparing for holiday observances
  • Providing recipes for Jewish cooking
  • Training in caring for clients with Alzheimer's diseaseand other cognitive impairments
  • Hurricane and emergency preparation
  • Training in CPR
  • Courses updating HHA credentials


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